Challenge: As the lead designer for Primero Systems’ CMS, Webtreepro, the challenge was to create a website that effectively showcased the features and benefits of the CMS, while staying true to its visual brand identity. Additionally, the website needed to highlight the success stories of previous clients and emphasize the versatility of the CMS.

Solution: To achieve these goals, we started by creating several design proposals in Adobe XD that explored different layouts and color schemes. We ultimately decided on a design that used Webtreepro’s existing visual identity, incorporating a clean and modern look with an emphasis on line icons and a sticky header. The website’s homepage features a prominent section that showcases the primary features of the CMS, as well as case studies that highlight the success of previous clients.

Results: The resulting website successfully conveyed the power and versatility of Webtreepro, while maintaining a cohesive and visually appealing design. The sticky header and line iconography added to the modern look of the website, and the case studies highlighted the proven success of the CMS. As a result, the website has been instrumental in driving traffic to the Webtreepro landing page, and has contributed to an increase in sales of the CMS.

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