Asociación Bahiense de Basquet

Challenge: The Association needed a new website that would represent its brand and allow them to reach a wider audience. Their previous website was outdated and difficult to navigate, resulting in low traffic and engagement.

Solution: We selected a WordPress theme that matched the association’s branding and modified it to fit their needs. The new site features a modern design with easy navigation and is optimized for speed and performance, thanks to an optimized server for WordPress. Additionally, we worked with the association to establish a content strategy that includes regular updates, news, and events to keep users engaged and coming back.

Results: The new website has significantly increased traffic and engagement, with a noticeable increase in user retention and interaction. The association’s events are now better promoted, and users can easily find the information they need, resulting in higher attendance rates. The optimized server has improved the website’s speed and performance, resulting in a better user experience overall.

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Asociación Bahiense de Basquet






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